Career Services Center

Develop Your Career at NIRSA 2022

Whether you’re an employer looking to find the perfect candidate for your institution or a job seeker looking for great tools and opportunities to advance your career, the NIRSA Career Services Center can support your future in collegiate recreation.

The NIRSA Career Services Center provides a space for hiring managers and job seekers to network, share information about employment opportunities, and even interview onsite during the NIRSA Annual Conference. Employers can register for a job fair table or info session starting in December.

All registered NIRSA Annual Conference attendees are eligible to utilize the NIRSA Career Services Center as a job seeker at no additional charge.

Meet with job seekers and advertise your current and upcoming openings at the Career Services Center in person! There is no need to flag your job as a CSC posting in for 2022. Employer mailboxes will not be available, so if you would like to collect resumes be sure to register for a job fair table or reserve an informational session. Reservable interview tables will also be available.

Presentation rooms with a projector are available in half-hour time blocks. With a capacity of 55-75 individuals, employers can take advantage of these rooms to make presentations to job seekers about their institution, company, and/or open positions. Employers can accept resumes in these rooms if they so desire. Room prices start at $90.

Located in a highly visible area in the CSC, job fair tables are a great way to make yourself accessible to job seekers any time the career center is open throughout the Annual Conference. Job fair tables make it easy for job seekers to hand you their resume. Bring your branded table drape and other promotional materials. Prices start at $75.

Register as an Employer

The Career Services Center is a great place to build your resume and hone soft skills that will make you a more valuable candidate for any campus rec job!

In addition, you can use the CSC to network with potential employers. There’s no need to register separately for the NIRSA Career Services Center—all registered attendees of NIRSA 2022 can access the CSC for free!

On Site

  • Look for jobs: Visit from your laptop or mobile device to view open positions as well as employers who you’ll be able to network with on site. Bring copies of your resume with you or use the convention center business office to print your resume and cover letter as needed.
  • Apply for jobs: Hand your resume and cover letter to hiring managers at their job fair table or at employer info sessions. Make sure to check Bluefishjobs’ postings to see how else you can apply.
  • Learn about employers: Attend a half-hour info session or stop by the job fair tables.
  • Hone your interview skills: Sign up for a mock interview (sign-ups are coming soon). Volunteer interviewers with expertise in various types of programming will be available.
  • Perfect your resume: Sign up for a live resume review (sign-ups are coming soon) where our experts will walk through your resume with you and offer advice. You can also drop off your resume any time for a written edit. We’ll let you know when it’s ready to pick up.
  • Network: Be sure to visit the N Zone next door to the Career Services Center for tons of opportunities to have a little fun while you network with students and professionals.

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