NIRSA 2022

State Your Case

Make the case for developing your team’s skills and connections: Show your boss why you need to be at NIRSA 2022.

Benefits Worksheet
Expenses Worksheet
Sample Proposal Letter

Higher education budgets are under strains of responding to a global pandemic, and staff and student professional development budgets are often found at the top of a department’s chopping block. But thriving campus recreation departments know that continuous skill development and idea sharing are essential to a team’s ability to pivot, leverage opportunities, and overcome challenges.

When you request institutional support from to your supervisor or administrator, feel free to use the tools we’ve put together to help you build your case: a benefits worksheet, a budget worksheet, and a sample letter for your supervisor.

  • When submitting a proposal to your supervisor or administration, clearly outline the connection between the needs of your department and your institution with the benefits of attending the 2022 NIRSA Annual Conference and Campus Rec & Wellness Expo; emphasize how your NIRSA 2022 attendance will give you the knowledge and the resources to meet those needs.
  • Review how the appointments with exhibitors you are planning to meet will result in connections that foster a better student experience for your campus community and that ultimately save the college or university money. Consider the value of learning new best practices, making new contacts, and gaining new insights and ideas from the educational sessions you’ll attend. Remember to also highlight the specific skills and knowledge experiences you can immediately bring back to the organization.

Showing that you can put the connections made and the knowledge gained at NIRSA 2022 into action straightaway makes it easier for your supervisor or administration to support your attendance at the conference. So, download the justification kit, customize your letter, expenses and benefits worksheets and…

…let’s reconvene, reconnect, and move forward together in Phoenix!

Any Questions?

Please forward questions to NIRSA Professional Development team at NIRSA Headquarters.

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